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Welcome To Driving School Development

The Business Development course is divided into 6 Modules covering all aspects of your Driver Training Business. This course is holistic and included in the price of ALL our courses and modules is a FREE 30 minute follow up mentoring and support session to discuss and help implement any changes you wish to make to your business.

Our CPD Business Development Courses

Using Sales Psychology we will work to assess your strengths and  weaknesses in your marketing strategies, we will work on a minimum of 8 different avenues to promote your business giving you the best return on your investment.

We will add value to your business using various USPs (unique selling points) thereby allowing you to increase your lesson price on a regular basis.

You will learn the Six Golden Rules for creating amazing and engaging ads for your business, we’ll even prove to you how good they are by showing you one that got over 7K views in just over a week !!

This module also covers what you need to know about websites, the do’s and don’ts as well as the content you should and should not have on your business website.

Implementing what you learn in this module will make the number of enquiries you receive SKYROCKET !!!

Now you have lots of new enquiries coming in we’ll work on how to dramatically improve your conversion rate with the use of Sales Psychology. We will use a 5 step programme that will not only improve your conversion rate but it will how you….


You will use your 5 step programme to help with your call conversions until you feel confident, comfortable and familiar with it.

In this Module we will learn how to calculate your lesson price to ensure you continue to operate profitably.

Using the 5 step programme we used in Module 2 we will work on the skills needed for the In Car Selling of lessons to ensure you maintain a healthy, profitable Driver Training Business will consistent price increases even during a recession.

In this module we will work on exactly what to provide your pupils with to add even more value to your product. Ensure every lesson is prepaid using the combination of Sales Psychology and todays technology. You will be provided with a set of client centred Terms & Conditions and an explanation of how and when to use them enabling you to completely eradicate unpaid for, short notice cancellations.

In this module we will work on how to implement best practices from the initial contact all the way through to after your client passes their test thereby enhancing your reputation.

We’ll work on the importance of Excellence In Customer Service to ensure you eradicate poor reviews and guarantee excellent reviews. This will enable you to receive a consistent flow of good quality recommendations to your business.

In this module we will incorporate the skills, tools and strategies learned in the previous 5 modules and we will work on completely taking control of your business using strong and creative Pupil & Diary Management that will aid pupil retention and provide the work life balance you and your family deserve.

Our Ad Creation module shows you the basics of putting together an ad that will catch the eye of prospective pupils and make them want to read about your product. Using the 6 Golden Rules from Module 1 we will take you through making a simple ad with Word and a short moving ad using Powerpoint.

We also offer an Ad Creation service, for more details please go to the Products, Services and Pricing page.

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