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Is Your Driving School Too Busy To BRING HOME An Extra £8600 A Year?:

"Are you the complacent ADI, full to the brim with pupils but unwittingly missing out on a huge slice of the cake?"

I have been an ADI for 26 years which included a long spell as an area manager for the AA Driving School I was the most successful in my time. They are some of my credentials for what I am about to share with you.

An extra £8600 a year is not a figure picked out of the sky,
it It’s a serious amount of money that is well within your reach…for any ADI.

What Have I Got Which Is So Good?

Would you agree the job of the ADI is to make sure we have safe drivers on the road? It's why I became a driving instructor, I'm sure your passion for road safety is the same as mine, and I'm sure you agree we are all under paid!

For many years I have been the top earner in my area, currently I'm around £5 an hour more than any other driving school and we do have a waiting list. Its been like that for years and I have been enjoying a damn good wage. Recently it dawned on me that I have no reason to keep my secrets to myself, wouldn't we all be better off if we could earn an extra £8,600?

You work really hard, and in my opinion for scant financial reward.
There is no pension.
No paid holidays.
We tend to work weekends and bank holidays.

Isn' t it about time, we all deserved better? 
I think so, and it's why I am prepared to share my knowledge and experience with every ADI in the country. 
If you are interested in learning more, just click the button and let's get started.
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